As I get older, I value the little things from my childhood.  I always kept journals.  Your Mimi and Papa used to leave me post it notes by my breakfast every morning and I still have a box full of letters they wrote me over the years.

As I pondered on the best way to share our uniquely beautiful story, I knew that it would need to be something special.  Most importantly, something special for you.  Something you can look back on and cherish as you grow older.  I talk to you all day long everyday.  I am constantly watching you grow and evolve, and there are so many things I want to tell you now, but I know you won’t understand until you are older.  What if I forget to tell you when the time comes?  What I forget those little tiny things that made me laugh in the moment but slowly dwindled away as we experience life and new adventures? What if I make a huge mistake adulating and I am not here later in your life to explain what you could do differently. I have decided to write these letters to you.

This is for you.  This is for us.  This is our story. Yes, the world can see because I think we do have a story worth sharing. The good, the struggles, and the adventures of being your mommy, and you being my baby.



Love Always, Mom.

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